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by David and Shirley Quine


History of the World

     for the Christian Family

Laying the Biblical Foundation!

The Grand Story is a wonderful beginning. It lays the strong foundation for understanding history. Every concept is introduced in a simple conversational story telling style. You are spending quality time with your children talking about God's redemptive plan of history as you study the 7 great empires in world history.

The Grand Story

"That you may know that I am the Lord…"

God has given us a template of history, the Biblical Writings. They provide a grid for human history. Moved by a concern that history is being taught to the Christian family by either separating the Bible from history, or by squeezing it into secular history, we felt compelled to give you a curriculum in which the Bible, as a whole, is the center and in which secular history must fit. May God give you and your family wisdom as you study The Grand Story.


A History Curriculum You Can Trust

Dr. Francis Schaeffer stated: "The issue is clear: is the Bible Truth and without error wherever it speaks, including where it touches history and the cosmos [science], or is it only in some sense revelational where it touches religious subjects?"

Through the study of The Grand Story your children will form beliefs and convictions that …

• the Bible is Truth and without error in all that it teaches

• the Bible is a source of absolute truth

• God is infinite, perfect and personal

• history is the story of redemption

• God is true and trustworthy in all He teaches             

Why You Will Want to Use The Grand Story

The Grand Story…

• establishing the Bible as the true perspective of history -- Your children will grow to trust what God says.

• building a solid foundation for your children -- Your children's faith will be strong and secure.

• providing the Big Picture of history ~ Creation ~ Conflict ~ Consequences ~ Climax ~ Completion -- Your children will have the Biblical framework for the understanding the Past, Present, and Future.

• demonstrating that God is actively involved in the history of the world -- Your children will know that God is personally active in their lives.

Based on the Thoughts of Francis Scaeffer and Charlotte Mason

Francis Schaeffer explains that if you believe that the Bible contains the Truth of God not only in the religous aspects of life, but also as it touches history and science, you will have a different starting point about history.

Charlotte Mason explains that history is considered most relevant to children through the use of living books, biographies, autobiographies, and narration.

A Learning Adventure

The Grand Story is a Journey
an Exciting Adventure for Your Family

It is a journey which will take us to a time before “the beginning of the world” to a time beyond the end of time. We have planned some amazing stops along the way. We will travel to foreign lands to meet kings and queens. We will even meet a man whose face began to glow -- even in the daylight. It’s hard to predict in advance how an adventure is going to turn out or how much time it will take. Sometimes journeys have waiting periods or downtimes but other times things happen in rapid succession without any waiting. We don’t know. That is the whole point of an adventurous journey.

You may be the type of person who likes to plan out each day of a holiday in advance -- making hotel arrangements and setting up sight seeing opportunities. That’s okay. In fact, sometimes that is necessary. But in this journey of the history of the world you may want to stop to give more time to explore. We want you to be free to stop and visit. That is why we are not setting out a daily or hourly schedule for you as you journey through The Grand Story. Journey a day and then maybe give some time to rest. Don’t be in a hurry.

There will be other times when you won’t want to stop. You may go on because of the anticipation of the drama of the moment. Let it unfold as a novel.

A Word About Narration
The use of narration is paramount to the success of The Grand Story. Use it skillfully. Use is with wisdom. Use it often.

“A child who has developed and attained the power of narrating from living books tells his version of the story using attractive vocabulary as it appeals to him. He does not merely parrot information. He absorbs into himself the beautiful thought from the book, making it his own and then gives it forth again with just that little touch that comes from his own mind.… A child gathers from the whole passage what he has assimilated and he will be able to remember his own assimilation (train of thought) months later, with no review from the teacher.” (Karen Andreola)

Fulfilling the Calling of God
Through various ways -- living literature, films, interactive activities and story telling -- we will travel to Ancient Egypt to understand the people, their beliefs and the culture of the time. As you are telling your children The Grand Story you are fulfilling the calling of God as explained by Moses recorded in Deuteronomy chapter 6:20-25...

"When your son asks you in time to come, What is the meaning of the testimonies and statutes and precepts which the Lord our God has commanded you? Then you shall say to your son, We were Pharaoh’s bondmen in Egypt, and the Lord brought us out of Egypt with a mighty hand. And the Lord showed signs and wonders, great and evil, against Egypt, against Pharaoh, and all his household, before our eyes; And He brought us out from there, that He might bring us in to give us the land which He swore to give our fathers. And the Lord commanded us to do all these statutes, to [reverently] fear the Lord our God for our good always, that He might preserve us alive, as it is this day. And it will be accounted as righteousness (conformity to God’s will in word, thought, and action) for us if we are watchful to do all this commandment before the Lord our God, as He has commanded us."

An Overview of The Grand Story

Volume 1 - The Egyptian Empire (18th Dynasty) - The Ancient World Learns that the Lord, He is God

Volume 2 - Israel -- The Building of a Nation whose God is the Lord

Volume 3 - Assyrian, Babylonian and Persian Empires -- God raises up Empires which will learn that He is the Lord

Volume 4 - The Greco-Roman Empires -- In Preparation for the "Fulness of Time" - The Climax of The Grand Story

Volume 5 - Western and Eastern Empires --The Story of Redemption Taken Around the World




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