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by David Quine


FOR AGES 6 AND UP Not for children under 3 years



Perfect for the Busy Mom!

In this level your child is working mostly on his own. LEVEL 4 uses word problems to expand the understanding of addition and subtraction (0 - 9,999), and teaches multiplication of 2 and 3 digit numbers and division. Fractions are expanded from Level 3 to include whether two fractons are equal-not equal, and less than-greater than. Algebra is further developed. The Student Book offers opportunities to apply and practice the concepts and skills covered in the lessons from Level 4.

Parent and Student Books
$ 45.00
Student's Book only
$ 20.00
Parent's Book only
$ 25.00

Samples from Level 4

Parent Book or Student Book






Dear Mr. Quine,

I am so grateful for your Making Math Meaningful curriculum. I didn't realize just how deeply your curiculum drives mathematical understanding until recently. After finishing LEVEL 4, I started my daughter on another curriculum for practice at test taking. I was appalled at the superficial treatment of multiplying 2-digit numbers. Whereas [this other] curriculum covered this in a one - page mechanical explanation of this - is - how - you - do - it, my daughter spent WEEKS studying the WHY'S and WHEREFORE'S of the identical subject in your curriculum. And people wonder why Johnny can't cipher.

God Bless You!!

J. R. Home School Mom



Concepts and Skills through Word Problems

While turning more attention to the teaching of computations skills, Level 4 continues the development of mathematical reasoning through word problems and algebraic reasoning:

PLACE VALUE (0 - 999,999)

ADDITION and SUBTRACTION (with borrowing and carrying with numbers 0 - 999,999)

MULTIPLICATION and DIVISION with 2 - and 3 - digit numbers




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