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STARTING POINTS The World View Primer


Starting Points voted the "Best World View Program for 2004" by Homeschooling Parent.

Starting Points and World Views of the Western World form a comprehensive study equipping children to stand firm in Christ!

Complete Set


Syllabus only

$ 45.00



"Thanks to the wide variety of activities and problem types, your student is not likely to get bored with this curriculum It's easy to use and thorough. Maybe that's why it's so popular."

Mary Pride

Level K Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Algebra Geometry



Discovering the Principles

that Govern God's Creation!

Book 1


Book 2


Book 3


Book 4




Filling our children's hearts and

minds with beautiful memories

and lasting impressions.

Year I
& Study Guide


Year II
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Year III
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Year IV
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Year V
& Study Guide


Year V
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A Dramatic Panoramic

Picture Presentation

Gallery I
with Study Guide


Gallery II
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Gallery III
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Let Us Highly Resolve
by David and Shirley Quine

Seven resolves for equipping your families for the 21st century.

Our price: $ 10.00

Answers for Difficult Days
by David Quine

Seven basic Bible studies answering the major world view questions.

Our price: $ 6.00

For the Children's Sake
by Susan Schaeffer McCauley

Principles that impart life to your teaching.

Our price: $ 16.00

An excellent tool for children to begin to see the flow of history.

Our price: $ 35.00

Raising Your Children for Christ
by Andrew Murray

A wonderful book on raising Christian children in today's world

Our price: $ 10.00

Honey for a Child's Heart
by Gladys Hunt

This book will encourage you as Gladys shares the value of reading great literature to your children.

Our price: $ 16.00


Books Children Love
by Susan Schaeffer Macauley

An excellent resource listing wonderful books to read with your children.

Our price: $ 22.00


Who Should We Then Read? Vol 1
by Jan Bloom

Wonderful suggestions for age-level readings.

Our price: $ 20.00


Who Should We Then Read? Vol 2
by Jan Bloom

Jan encourages us to assist our children to enter into the world of Living Books.

Our price: $ 20.00


Hinds Feet on High Places
by Hannah Hurnard

A beautiful novel taking us to the high places of victory and our union with Christ as we learn to lay down our lives.

Our price: $ 7.00


The Pilgrim's Progress
by John Bunyan

The finest of all Christian allegories. This book has been printed, read, and translated more often than any book other than the Bible.

Our price: $ 10.00

They Found the Secret
by V. Raymond Edman

Listen to the stories of twenty well known Christians who found the secret of victorious living as told through their own words.

Our price: $11.00


The True Vine
by Andrew Murray

Bearing much fruit is not a demand but the promise of abiding in Christ.

Our price: $ 6.00


True Spirituality
by Francis Schaeffer

Out of Francis Schaeffer's own personal struggles came the reality of True Spirituality.

Our price: $ 14.00


He that is Spiritual
by Lewis Sperry Chafer

A This book defines true Christian living and unfolds the biblical teaching concerning spirituality - what it is and how it is secured.

Our price: $ 12.00


The Christian's Secret to a Happy Life
by Hannah Whitall Smith

Overflowing with substance, Christian's Secret is practical, personal, and powerful - an invitation for you to lead life at it's fullest and most blessed.

Our price: $ 7.00


Abide in Me
by N.A. Woychuk

Our Lord's supreme invitation to the every believer - "Abide in Me."

Our price: $ 10.00

My Utmost for His Highest
by Oswald Chambers

A year long devotional study. A true classic that will lead you and your family into the presence of God.

Our price: $ 7.00


The Saving Life of Christ
by Major Ian Thomas

An examination of Christ's life, death and resurrection.

Our price: $ 11.00


What is a Family?
by Edith Schaeffer

In a day and age in which the family is under constant attack this is a vital book. A true classic on the family.

Our price: $ 20.00


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