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Tell us about Cornerstone Curriculum and your family.


Shirley and I started home schooling Bryce and Ben in 1980. Because we wanted to prepare our children to understand many of the thoughts and ideas of Francis Schaeffer, we set out three primary goals for our children:

To know, love, and serve the Lord;

To stand against the ideas of the secular culture;

To be able to reason from the Biblical world view.

Because my educational background was in Curriculum Design and Instruction, I began writing materials that we could use to teach our own children. Other families having a similar vision began to encourage us to make these materials available to them. In fact, all the curriculum that I have written to date, have really been written for our own family. I feel so blessed to be part of assisting parents in the preparation of their children for the 21st century.

People often ask about our staff. Actually, our family is our staff.

Brett (6) and Bonnie(7) sort the links and chips for the math kits as well as place mailing labels on the inquiries.

Bethany (9) and Byron (11) work on the inquires and help with the shipping of the curriculum.

Blessing (14) and Betsy (18) are our shipping department. Our daughters prepare the boxes and envelopes as well as put the curriculum into the packages.

Blaine (18) opens and sorts the mail. He then inputs all the appropriate information in to the computer.

Ben (20) has done all our computer programing. Though he is at college full time, he continues to be our technical support.

Bryce (22) recently graduated from college and preparing for law school is working with me in writing Principles from Patterns: Geometry and a possible revision with Adventures in Art.

Shirley is the general organizer and support. In addition to teaching our children, and keeping our house in order, she listens to and adds her thoughts to many of the materials I write.

David is the writer, typer, and editor of The Cornerstone Curriculum Project. I answer the phone, help parents to make educational decisions, speak at conventions, and answer a few algebra problems along the way. One of our children caught me at the computer with a phone to each ear - talking with one person while on hold with another. It's a funny picture!

Though the responsibilities around the Quine household are tremendous we occasionally find time to fly a kite, have a cookout or go to an outdoor marionette show. We have found Christ, who is our life, to be sufficient for all these things!

We thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve your family in the preparation of the next generation - your children.


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