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$ 6.00

Answers For Difficult Days

by David Quine

Perfect to use as a Bible study with your whole family. These seven studies from the Word of God will prepare and equip you to answer the most important questions of life. Be ready for those difficult days by immersing your family in the Word of God.


$ 7.00

Hind's Feet on High Places

by Hannah Hurnard

There are no obstacles which our Saviour's love cannot overcome. The High Places of victory and union with Christ can be reached by learning to lay down our own will and accepting His.


$ 10.00

The Pilgrim's Progress

by John Bunyan, The World View Library Edition (Quine)

In it he presents in allegory his setting out on the dangerous journey and safe arrival at the Celestial City. This book fits within the category of the Truly Great Books of Western Society. The World Views Edition (Quine) is now available!

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$ 11.00

They Found the Secret

by V. Raymond Edman

Listen to twenty Christians from various walks of life from different centures and different continents who found the secret of victorious living as told through their own words. A great book to read aloud to your family.


$ 11.00

The Saving Life of Christ

by Major Ian Thomas

To help us better understand and experience victorious Christian living, Major Thomas examines the implications of ChristÕs life and death, and unravels the mystery of true godliness. This is one of our favorite authors and speakers.


$ 12.00

He That is Spiritual

by Lewis Sperry Chafer

This book defines true Christian living and unfolds the Biblical teaching concerning spirituality, what it is, and how it is secured.


$ 14.00

True Spirituality

by Francis Schaeffer

Schaeffer writes though "This book was published after a number of others, but in a certain sense it should have been first. (Out of Francis Schaeffer's own personal struggles came the reality of True Spirituality.) Without the material in this book there would be no L'Abri." One of the finest explanations of salvation in its fullest sense. A book to read every year.


$ 3.00

Journal of Mercies


Do you need a guide to direct you in your study of the Word of God? Such a study will open your eyes to the mercy of God. This journal encourages you to consider the mercy of God for each day of the year. It is easy and simple to use.


$ 6.00

True Vine

by Andrew Murray

Is having your children demonstrate Christian character important to you? Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control. The fruit of the Spirit is a promise and a result of abiding in Christ. Anything less is merely an imitation.



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