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Welcome to the World View Library. We are proud to present the masterpieces of western literature in this new edition.

In every volume of the Worldview Library the main body of each page presents the original text unaltered in a clear, easy to read format, while the outside margins contain summary headings, definitions, and other helps. Since most of the words in the English language have had multiple definitions over time — and often multiple simultaneously, the definitions given in the margins attempt to capture as closely as possible the meaning intended by the author in the given context. Use these notes as a beginning to your study of this book.

Every great work of art will communicate not just beauty but also ideas about the world we live in. And so, we encourage you to think carefully and ask questions while reading: What ideas are presented in this work? What do the characters and situations say about the nature of man and the universe? Is there a God, according to the text? If so, what is He like? And what happens to man after death?

It is our desire to help bring this classic literature to life, and we hope that the World View Library will lead you to a deeper understanding of the living God and His creation.

Ben Quine

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