Making Math Meaningful: Level 3

Level 3 includes Student Book and Parent/Teacher Instruction Book. Although the conversations provided in the teacher book continue to direct the teaching in this level, your child will begin to work more and more on his or her own. Level 3 uses word problems to expand the understanding of addition and subtraction (0 - 999), as well as teaching the basic multiplication and division facts. Fractions are still being introduced in this level. Many of the algebraic concepts are developed alongside arithmetic. The Student Book offers opportunities to apply and practice the concepts and skills covered in the lessons from Level 3. The Parent/Teacher Instruction Book clearly explains exactly WHAT TO DO and WHAT TO SAY for teaching the concepts and skills for Level 3. The format is conversational. Lessons are written for all learning styles. Lesson plans are clear and easy to use. No pre-preparation is needed to teach Level 3.


Making Math Meaningful is an exceptional program that elevates a child’s conceptual reasoning! This curriculum teaches the child to understand not only how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide, but more importantly why and when. The student will be equipped to solve every kind of math problem or word problem, will have the understanding to apply their knowledge to everyday life, and will be prepared for algebra and other higher math. Making Math Meaningful trains children in advanced reasoning, to understand math concepts, and to think mathematically. 


Making Math Meaningful: Level 3

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