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Music & Moments with the Masters: Complete Program

Includes 16 CD life story recordings, printed Study Guide, The Gift of Music book, as well access to a specially created greatest-hits Spotify playlist for each composer.


Music and Moments with the Masters opens the door into the deep, rich world of classical music by building a friendly, knowledgeable relationship with the great composers and their masterpieces. Narrative audio biographies of the life stories of Western music’s greatest composers blended with many of their most beautiful and memorable melodies bring the artist and his works to life. The companion study guide aids parents with plans and methods to make the desire for a well-rounded music education a reality. 

    The Gift of Music book adds to a more comprehensive picture of each composer by giving carefully researched information concerning the importance of Christian faith in the lives of many composers, and the effect of this faith upon their music. The authors also show how the rejection of Christianity has brought profound change in the meaning and forms of contemporary music. The Gift of Music also discusses the ebb and flow of values over time and how the artists have influenced each other.

Music & Moments with the Masters: Complete Program

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$150.00Sale Price
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