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We're Celebrating Our New Website Launch!

Enter to Win a Free iPad!!!

Complete the Cornerstone Treasure Hunt Quiz Today!

1. The overall mission of Cornerstone Curriculum is “Building a Biblical Worldview.”

2. The Heart of Cornerstone Curriculum  is

3. Our prayer for Kindergarten children as they use our curriculum is that they will

4. The focus of Making Math Meaningful is

5. How many Vital Questions do students address in the program Starting Points?

6. From the Grandeur of Christianity, which two worldviews became the principal thought processes in Europe?

7. Learning how to learn is built into each course through The Learning Cycle. Students are actively engaged in the learning as they progress through 3 Stages

8. Cornerstone Curriculum has pioneered the teaching model of an Integrated Curriculum. The subjects are carefully joined and presented together, rather than being taught separately. This means that students:

9. Cornerstone Curriculum is a reflection of the ideas of which influencer?

10. "Sola Scriptura" refers to

11. What is the only adequate firewall to withstand false ideas and prepare a defense of our faith?

12. David Quine will be giving lecture talks at which two of the homeschool conventions in 2018?

Thanks for submitting!

     Use the new Cornerstone Curriculum website to complete and submit the following 12-question quiz and be entered into our drawing for a free Apple  iPad! (9.7in, 32GB)

One entry per household. Enter between May 25th-July 16th, 2018. Drawing to be held July 18th. Entries receiving 100% will be eligible for the drawing.

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