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We are extremely excited to partner with the international neurologists and directors of The Family Hope Center, whose mission is "to help children with neurodevelopmental disorders from around the world. We strive to improve children’s immediate quality of life and future potential. We also educate and empower parents to take a primary and active role in their children’s development. We believe in nurturing each child’s ability to engage the world."


If you have questions about your child's brain and learning development, in ANY domain, then we hope you will check out their website here!

As Matthew Newel, Founder and Director of The Family Hope Center stated, "Cornerstone Curriculum provides the software for your child's brain in such a way to encourage learning and reasoning. The Family Hope Center is focused on circuitry and getting the brain neurology hardware set up for optimum performance."

In the Spring of 2020 The Family Hope Center and Cornerstone Curriculum teamed up to bring you a five-session webinar series on the primary challenges affecting the developing brain. Below are the advertisement clips and the one-hour webinar video archives, and we encourage you to watch them together as parents. We believe you are the best persons to be in the driver's seat of your child's neurological and educational development, and we want to do everything we can to equip you for the best ride ever!

NOTE: The Family Hope Center would like to offer their world-renowned 3-day Parent Training Conference in Dallas, Texas, specifically for Cornerstone Curriculum families! For more information on how to make that happen, see here.

To access the Family Hope Center's FREE 4-Part course on understanding your child's brain, please click HERE.

To purchase the full FHC Parent Training Conference, please click HERE.

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Recorded Webinars

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