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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” (Benjamin Franklin)

"Let me assure you that your child CAN understand math. Even if it is not their best subject, when they learn to understand it, math will become more and more meaningful to them." (David Quine)

"The chief value of arithmetic, like that of higher mathematics, lies in the training it affords to the reasoning powers. The child may learn the multiplication table and do a subtraction problem without any insight into the rationale of either - without seeing the reason of them.. A bag of beans, counters, or buttons should be used in all the early arithmetic lessons and the child should be able to work with these freely." (Charlotte Mason)

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Making Math Meaningful: Levels 1-4 Collection

Making Math Meaningful: Levels 1-4 Collection

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This program uses unique methods of presentation based upon sound research and a biblical Christian worldview. Detailed, easily understood instruction is given for the parent/teacher in the parent guide for levels K through 4. The guide directs parents in what to say and do, so the program must be presented one-on-one for those levels. Higher levels are presented directly to the student so students can work independently.

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