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How Cornerstone Began

How Cornerstone Began

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David Quine Cornerstone Curriculum Founder, Author, Keynote Speaker; homeschool education

David Quine

David was raised in Oklahoma City, the son of a depression era father who completed only the 4th grade in school. His mother worked with her children diligently teaching them many skills after and beyond the classroom. In 1967 David gave his life to Christ through the ministry of a part time summer intern at his church. 


He graduated from Oklahoma State in 3 1/2 years (with honors) with a BS degree in Geology, and later with an MS degree in Curriculum and Instruction Education. In between David’s college studies, he and Shirley served on the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ for 2 1/2 years ministering to college students at the University of South Dakota. While discipling those young adults he was often asked to help them formulate a Christian answer (an apologetic) for their various classes, as their Christian beliefs were being targeted in the classroom. 


The Lord used these incidents to create a desire in David to see Christians equipped to be able to defend their faith and know what Scripture has to say about all areas of study.

David taught as a public school educator and served as the Director of Science Education (K - 12) for the fourth-largest school district in Texas. In 1984 he left the public school arena and began writing curriculum for Shirley to use as she home schooled their first five

children. David developed the first "hands-on" manipulative-based math and science programs designed especially for homeschooling parents (Making Math Meaningful and Science: The Search). The programs were soon followed by the very popular Music and Moments with the Masters and Adventures in Art.

As their own children matured, David’s desire to impart a clear apologetic program for students lead him to write Worldviews of the Western World and Starting Points. His goal has always been to equip the next generation to “stand firm” in Christ.

David, together with Shirley, has also written integrated studies for building the Biblical Worldview for younger students, including A Heart 4 You: China and The Grand Story. 

David and Shirley have been honeymooning together for 46 years, are parents of nine incredible adult children and fourteen grandchildren. He loves to drive on long road trips, to listen to Shirley read aloud, and to create the “perfect” smoked brisket.

Shirley Quine

Shirley is the middle child of five, surrounded by boys. Her mother therefore affectionately nicknamed her “the rose between the thorns.” Growing up in a family of boys, she spent much of her time outdoors doing active things or time alone indoors loving on her family of dolls.


She came into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ when her high school sweetheart (David Quine), invited her to an evangelist Christian concert. Four years later she married  her sweetheart and they began their life and ministry together.


In college at Oklahoma State University she studied Early Childhood Education and thought she would teach kindergarten or preschool, as this seemed to fit well with her love for small children. She did teach three year olds for one year, while David was in graduate school. But later became the preschool, elementary, junior high and high school teacher of their own nine children. 


During her undergraduate work, Shirley began learning about children’s literature, teaching music and art, math and science, and language to young children. Planning, scheduling and developing learner outcomes were part of her daily life.

Shirley Quine, Cornerstone Curriculum Founder, Christian Homeschool Education parent, Discipleship

She was able to use these interests and skills to teach her own children and assist David in developing curriculum for homeschooling families. 


Shirley is the mother of nine grown marvelous adults and grandmother of fourteen. She loves studying the Bible, flower gardening, cooking and reading beautiful books to her grandchildren.

Ben Quine headshot, small.jpg

Ben Quine

Ben Quine, the second son of  David and Shirley Quine, was blessed to grow up with a Charlotte Mason/Dr. Schaeffer/Biblical Worldview education -- a tremendous gift! Through the years, Ben has served as a Cornerstone consultant, assistant, and co-author. He has written several Bible studies for the Answers for Difficult Days series, which equips churches to address the issues our culture is wrestling with today, from the foundation of Scripture. Ben is also the editor of The Worldview Library, editions of classical literature with student helps that afford the reader a deeper understanding of the concepts presented in each work.

Trained as a classical pianist and instructor, Ben is committed to inspiring his students with the love of great music and equipping them with the tools to perform at the highest level. This training has resulted in his students' successful performances from local festivals and competitions to Carnegie Hall.


Ben loves Shakespeare, Dickens, photography, listening to recordings of "the great pianists", running, biking, and spending time with his wife Julie and their three sons.

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