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Answers for Difficult Days: Racism

Discover God’s timeless and universal Biblical principles of identity, rebirth, equality, and justice. See firsthand the Bible’s condemnation of racism, learn how to respond to racial hurts, and experience the forgiveness, reconciliation, and healing that only come from the Gospel. Combat the ideology of Critical Race Theory, and discover God’s blueprint for individual and societal reform in this life-giving study of Scripture.


"Critical Race Theory is one of the top threats to the church today. Answers for Difficult Days: Racism exposes this dangerous philosophy and counters it with the Gospel’s loving path to racial healing."

-- Josh D. McDowell, Author


“A clear voice on the issue of race in America, Answers for Difficult Days: Racism presents a crucial message that needs to go out far and wide!”

-- Stephen Broden

Senior Pastor, Fair Park Bible Fellowship


“There is no question we are facing interesting times and difficult days in our America. It is imperative that the Christian community, the Body of Christ, can understand and discuss the issues we face from a Biblical perspective. That is why Ben Quine’s study series is vital now for Christians. I wholeheartedly recommend your reading & studying his work, especially on the issue of racism.”

-- Lt. Col. Allen West (US Army, ret.)

Member, 112th US Congress


Topics covered include:

• Racism (Biblical definition)

• America’s racial history

• Capital Punishment

• Critical Race Theory

• Gospel presentation

• Reconciliation

• Restitution/Reparations

• Running for office

• Sanctity of life

• Slavery

• Voting

…and much more!

Answers for Difficult Days: Racism

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