President Trump claims “America will never be a Socialist nation.” And his Democrat opponents state that Capitalism is a heartless, cruel, and oppressive system. How are we to know which model is the best? How are we to decide which is the loving, Christian path to take?


The only sure solution in our current debate is to look to God’s Word for lasting principles inspired by divine wisdom. A.W. Tozer captured the situation perfectly, “Satan's greatest weapon is man's ignorance of God's Word.” In this study Ben Quine takes the reader through the whole of Scripture to discover how God set up an economy for His people, and how His timeless economic principles apply to us today. Perfect for individual or group Bible study use.


“Answers for Difficult Days: Economics is a vital expedition into Scripture for every believer, an essential economic guide for every nation, and a comprehensive study that you cannot find anywhere else!”

— Josh D. McDowell, Author

Answers for Difficult Days: Economics


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