Answers For Difficult Days

Answers for Difficult Days is perfect to use as a personal Bible study or devotions with your whole family. These seven devotional studies from the Word of God will prepare and equip you to answer the Seven Vital Questions of life. Be ready for those difficult days by immersing your family in the Word of God.



"I have kept this little booklet in my Bible bag for over 15 years. I used the curriculum in high school that went along with it. The booklet covers the Seven Vital Questions one needs to be able to answer in order to process the world. I use this technique for everything - movies, media, books, world events. Its awesome. I think all young christians should order this. It really seems to help eliminate fear because you know what you believe and you can understand and even empathize better having this arsenal of questions engrained in your mind. You need this book!"

    Anthon Hall

Answers For Difficult Days


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