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Answers For Difficult Days

Today we face a constant battle of ideas. Only with solid Biblical understanding can we stand firm amid the destructive cultural and philosophical squalls. The original seven-study classic by David Quine answers the 7 Vital Worldview Questions that form the basis for a worldview.

1. Is there a God? If so, what is He like?

2. What is the origin and nature of the universe?

3. What is the nature of humanity?

4. What is the basis of right and wrong?

5. What is the cause of evil and suffering?

6. What happens to a person at death?

7. Does life and history have any real meaning?


Be ready for difficult days by immersing your family in the Word of God!


“The Answers for Difficult Days series brilliantly guides the reader through Scripture on the critical issues of today, equipping believers to stand for God’s principles in a hostile culture. It is an invaluable resource for churches, small groups, and individual believers — one that they will refer to again and again!”

-- Josh D. McDowell, Author


"I have kept this little booklet in my Bible bag for over 15 years. I used the curriculum in high school that went along with it. The booklet covers the Seven Vital Questions one needs to be able to answer in order to process the world. I use this technique for everything - movies, media, books, world events. Its awesome. I think all young christians should order this. It really seems to help eliminate fear because you know what you believe and you can understand and even empathize better having this arsenal of questions ingrained in your mind. You need this book!"

-- Anthon Hall, Cornerstone Alumnus

Answers For Difficult Days

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