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Assumptions That Affect Our Lives

Overman traces with clarity the foundations of Western thought back to two opposing traditions: the ancient Greeks, who fathered secular, human-centered rationalism, and the ancient Hebrews, who carried forward God's revelation.


"I wrote Assumptions That Affect Our Lives while I served as a Christian school principal. I wrote it firstly for my teachers, and upper level students (I used this text in a class I taught for seniors). I also wrote it for the parents who sent their children to my school. I wanted them to understand what authentic Christian thought is all about, and how it stands in stark contrast to the secularized culture that is pressing in around us from all sides. I wanted to write it in “plain English,” so that any reader, with or without a background in philosophy, high school and above, could easily grasp the issues. I realized that many Christians (both young and old) are thinking in secularized ways, yet totally unaware of this. As I studied the culture of the ancient Greeks, I realized that much of what we are experiencing in contemporary America is a return to the pagan ways of ancient Greece. I also realized that the end of the Greeks would be our end too, unless there was a significant return to a truly Biblical way of seeing things. I realized that the problem was at the “assumption” level, which is rarely examined. The assumptions in secularized America are far more “Greek” than Biblical, and I wanted the “frog in the pot” to wake up before the water came to a full boil. When I originally wrote the book, in the late ‘80s, I had no idea we would be living in the kind of culture we currently find ourselves, nearly 30 years later. We are now worse off than ever, and have surpassed the decadence of the ancient Greeks with the help of 21st century technology combined with the deadly postmodern premise that “my truth is my truth, and your truth is your truth,” which accounts for the devastating chaos and confusion of our current hour. I believe the relevance of Assumptions That Affect Our Lives is greater today than ever. I am extremely grateful to the Quines for their diligent efforts to enlighten followers of Christ to what a Biblical worldview actually is, and for their inclusion of Assumptions That Affect Our Lives in their Starting Points Collection. Onward and upward."

                         Christian Overman, Director, Worldview Matters®

Assumptions That Affect Our Lives

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