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Bible Study Set: Answers for Difficult Days

"What does the Bible say about...?"

Secular Humanism? Progressivism? Capitalism, Socialism & Communism? Critical RaceTheory? Modern Social Justice? Role of Government?


Our culture is adrift, lost in a storm of warring ideas. Without God’s truth to guide us, we will self-destruct. Answers for Difficult Days is a series of short Bible studies aimed at bringing supernatural wisdom from Scripture to address the biggest issues and questions we face in the 21st Century. Discover for yourself the timeless principles that provide the solid foundation for life.


"The Answers for Difficult Days series brilliantly guides the reader through Scripture on the critical issues of today, equipping believers to stand for God’s principles in a hostile culture. It is an invaluable resource for churches, small groups, and individual believers — one that they will refer to again and again!"

-- Josh D. McDowell, Author

Bible Study Set: Answers for Difficult Days

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