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Levels 1-4 Making Math Meaningful Set

Each Level of the 1-4 Set is comprised of both a Parent Guide and a Student Workbook. The Parent Guides provide scripted What I Am To Do and What I Am To Say for teaching the concepts and skills in a conversational and interactive format. The lessons are written to accomodate all learning styles. This set also includes the Making Math Meaningful Manipulatives Kit, as the student will progress from utilizing concrete objects, to pictorial representations, to symbolic/numeric representations in word-problem formats. The lesson plans are clear and easy to use, and no pre-preparation is needed to teach Making Math Meaningful.


Included in the Set:

          Manipulatives Kit

          Level 1 Parent Guide & Student Workbook

          Level 2 Parent Guide & Student Workbook

          Level 3 Parent Guide & Student Workbook

          Level 4 Parent Guide & Student Workbook 


NOTE: Because we have revised and revamped Making Math Meaningful Levels K-3, the new Student Workbooks will no longer match with previous editions of the Parent Guide.

Levels 1-4 Making Math Meaningful Set

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