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John Locke Trilogy

Was John Locke a deist or was he a Christian? What was his view of God and man? Did he believe that Jesus is the Messiah? What was his belief about miracles? This Worldview Library Edition of three of his writings includes annotated student helps that deepen the reader's understanding of the profound concepts presented in John Locke's timeless masterworks.


The Second Treatise of Government:

The ideas of Locke would shape the thinking of the Founding Fathers of the United States. The Second Treatise is the formative document explaining the political theory that would become the practical outworking of our government; Human laws made in correlation to the laws of nature and Scripture.

The Reasonableness of Christianity:

"Adam being thus turned out of paradise... the consequence of it was, that all men should die, and remain under death for ever, and so be utterly lost. From this estate of death, Jesus Christ restores all mankind to life... And thus men are, by the second Adam, restored to life again."


A Discourse of Miracles:

"Let us see then whether miracles, in my sense, be not [credentials given by God], and will not infallibly direct us right in the search of Divine Revelation."

John Locke Trilogy

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