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Worldviews Year III: Research Teaching Syllabus

Worldviews Of the Western World is the most compresensive Christian Worldview program ever. Taught in a chronological historical flow using the Great Books of the Western tradition, this one-of-a-kind curriculum equips students to discern biblical Truth in every area of life and defend it against the thoughts and ideas of the secular culture.


The Year III Research-Teaching Syllabus includes: (1) Weekly Teaching Overview; (2) Study Notes; (3) Commentaries; (4) Outlines; (5) Short Answer Questions; (6) Essay Questions; and (7) Research Projects. YEAR III establishes why and how Western culture moved away from Christian thinking; how we can live within a secular culture; and finally, how to engage the culture in meaningful conversation.

Worldviews Year III: Research Teaching Syllabus

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