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Worldviews Year I: Complete Collection

Worldviews Of the Western World is the most compresensive Christian Worldview program ever. Taught in a chronological historical flow using the Great Books of the Western tradition, this one-of-a-kind curriculum equips students to discern biblical Truth in every area of life and defend it against the thoughts and ideas of the secular culture.

Worldviews Year 1: THE BIBLE AND ANCIENT THOUGHT establishes the Biblical Worldview as the gauge against which all other ideas are evaluated. It is a study of the concepts and the consequences of foundational ideas accepted throughout history. Year I contrasts the ideas of the Biblical Worldview and the Greco-Roman worldview.

Complete Year I Collection includes:
- Worldviews of the Western World Year I Syllabus (Quine)

 - Let Us Highly Resolve (Quine)

 - The Giants of Philosophy CD Box Set

 - Francis Schaeffer Trilogy (Schaeffer)

 - The Iliad (Homer - Worldview Library Edition)

 - The Odyssey (Homer - Worldview Library Edition)

 - The Republic (Plato - Worldview Library Edition)

 - The Aneid (Virgil - Worldview Library Edition)

 - The City of God (St. Augustine - Worldview Library Edition)

 - The Universe Next Door (Sire)

 - How Then Should We Live? (Schaeffer)

 - How Then Should We Live? DVD (Schaeffer)

 - Genesis in Space and Time (Schaeffer)

 - Affliction (E. Schaeffer)

 - Socrates CD set
 - Adventures in Art, High School Levels *NEW

 - Music and Moments, High School Levels *NEW


Worldviews Year I: Complete Collection

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$595.00Sale Price
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