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Worldviews Year II: Complete Collection

Worldviews Of the Western World is the most compresensive Christian Worldview program ever. Taught in a chronological historical flow using the Great Books of the Western tradition, this one-of-a-kind curriculum equips students to discern biblical Truth in every area of life and defend it against the thoughts and ideas of the secular culture.


In Year II THE GRANDEUR OF CHRISTIANITY (Part A) explores the rich historical influence that Christianity has had upon Westerrn Civilization. The ideas of the Reformation spread throughout Europe touching all the disciplines. THE REVOLUTIONARY AGE (Part B) compares and contrasts four major revolutions: the English, American, French, and Russian Revolutions.


Complete Year II Collection includes:

- Worldviews of the Western World Year II Syllabus Part A & Part B (Quine)

- Answers for Difficult Days (Quine)

- Reformation Overview DVD

- The Soul of Science (Pearcy/Thaxton)

- The Institutes of the Christian Religion (Calvin)

- A Tale of Two Cities (Dickens)

- The Federalist Papers (Hamilton/Madison/Jay)

- The Anti-Federalist Papers & The Constitutional Convention Debates

- Giants of Political Thought CD box set

- The American Revolution CD box set

- The United States Constitution CD box set

- Ameritopia (Levin)

- The Pilgrim's Progress (Bunyan - Worldview Library Edition)

- The Communist Manifesto & The Law (Marx, Bastille - Worldview Library Edition)

- America: City On A Hill (Worldview Library Edition)

- The Divine Comedy (Alighieri - Worldview Library Edition)

- Paradise Lost (Milton - Worldview Library Edition)

- Animal Farm (Orwell)

- The Gift of Music (Smith)


Worldviews Year II: Complete Collection

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$460.00Sale Price
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