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Worldviews Year III: Complete Collection

Worldviews Of the Western World is the most compresensive Christian Worldview program ever. Taught in a chronological historical flow using the Great Books of the Western tradition, this one-of-a-kind curriculum equips students to discern biblical Truth in every area of life and defend it against the thoughts and ideas of the secular culture.


World Views Year 3: CHRISTIANITY ANSWERS THE 21ST CENTURY  catalogs the succession of worldviews of the 20th Century. Four very important questions are answered in the final study of Worldviews:
1 - Why did the West reject Christianity?
2 - What were the effects of this shift away from Christianity?
3 - How are we as Christians to live in the 21st Century?
4 - What do we as Christians have to say to the 21st Century culture?


Complete Year III Collection includes:

- Worldviews of the Western World Year III Syllabus (Quine)

- The Beauty of Intolerance (McDowell)

- Evidence That Demands A Verdict (McDowell)

- Darwin on Trial (Johnson)

- That Hideous Strength (Lewis)

- True Spirituality (Schaeffer)

- Whatever Happened to the Human Race DVD (Schaeffer)

- Pollution and the Death of Man (Schaeffer)

- The Indwelling Life of Christ (Thomas)

- Darwin and Evolution CD box set

- The Civil War CD box set

- Great Economic Thinkers CD box set

- Of Pandas and People (Davis)

- Rediscovering Americanism (Levin)

- The Old Man and the Sea (Hemingway)

- The Second American Revolution (Whitehead)

- Economics in One Lesson (Hazlitt)

- Grasping for the Wind DVD

- Walden Two (Skinner)

- Sophie's World (Gaarder)

- The Plague (Camus)

Worldviews Year III: Complete Collection

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