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Worldview Library: The Complete Collection

Invaluable editions that bring the classics to life:

The Worldview Library presents original, unaltered, classic texts, supplemented by annotated student helps such as summary headings, definitions, and historical notes in a clear, easy to read format. These great works are now easily accessible and understood, so that the student can more readily grasp the ideas presented in each work. 


Complete Worldview Library Collection Includes:

- The Pilgrim's Progress (Bunyan)

- The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Stevenson)

- Frankenstein (Shelley)

- The Iliad (Homer)

- The Odyssey (Homer)

- The Aneid (Virgil)

- The Republic (Plato)

- The City of God (St. Augustine)

- The Divine Comedy (Aligheri)

- Paradise Lost (Milton)

- America: A City Upon A Hill

- The Second Treatise of Government (Locke)

- Manifesto of the Communist Party (Marx) & The Law (Bastille)

Worldview Library: The Complete Collection

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$170.00Sale Price
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