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Josh McDowell

Josh McDowell

    Joslin "Josh" McDowell (born August 17, 1939) identified as an agnostic as a young man. In college, he chose to write an essay on historical evidence to disprove the Christian faith. However, on finding vast amounts of evidence in support of Christianity, McDowell gave his life to Christ, beginning a life-long ministry to bring the message of the Gospel to the world. He received his undergraduate degree from Wheaton College in Illinois, and his Master of Divinity from Talbot Theological Seminary in California.

     He joined Campus Crusade International and has started several sub-ministries within the organization. After traveling worldwide, McDowell began a pointed effort to address the physical and spiritual needs of young people in impoverished areas, notably orphanages, hospitals, schools, and prisons. He has given over 27,000 addresses in 125 countries, and written 150 books that have been translated into 128 languages ( His book Evidence that Demands a Verdict has been one of the top most influential books on Christian thought in the twentieth century.  

   McDowell founded the Legacy Project to reach the next generation for Christ, and writes, “We all tend to look ahead rather than behind, so we can easily forget the lessons learned along the way and neglect the wisdom of the past. Ecclesiastes says ‘nothing is new under the sun’, so whatever you’re going through, God has seen others through similar events to show you that if God can do it then, he can do it now, for you.” 

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