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David Quine

David Quine

     David Quine (born in 1949) is one of the pioneers of the homeschool movement and the originator of the Biblical Worldview approach. With his program Making Math Meaningful, he authored the first hands-on math curriculum which has become a staple of math education worldwide.      

     David was raised in Oklahoma City and received a Bachelors of Science degree in Geology and a Masters of Science degree in Curriculum and Instruction Education from Oklahoma State University. He gave his life to Christ in college and, together with his wife Shirley, served for two and a half years with Campus Crusade for Christ in South Dakota. During their time ministering to college students, he was frequently asked to assist young adults to formulate verbal defenses of their Christian faith, which was often attacked in the University classrooms. This sparked a desire in David to see Christian students well

equipped with Scriptural knowledge to defend their faith in their areas of study.

     David taught as a public school educator and served as the Director of Science Education (K-12) for the fourth largest school district in Texas. In 1984 he left the public school arena and began writing curriculum for Shirley to use as she homeschooled their nine children. He first developed ‘hands-on,” manipulative-based math and science programs especially for home school parents. These were followed by courses on Music, Art, studies for building the Biblical Worldview, and Western and world history/philosophy/literature programs. A notable speaker and author, David has written devotionals and hundreds of articles and keynotes on home education for the Christian family.

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